Occlusal Splint


    Occlusal splints, also known as occlusal guards, bite plates, or night guards. These devices are prescribed for some different reasons. Treatments such as bruxism and TMJ dysfunction or to preserve and protect new dental restorations or orthodontic work.

    They protect the patient’s teeth by preventing the tooth on tooth grinding and clenching damage. The device is softer than the natural dentition so it wears away slowly instead of losing tooth structure. Because of the nature of how these devices are used long term, comfort is a key factor for the patient.

    At Oceanic Dental Lab we specialize in the manufacture of Talon occlusal splints.  We believe this is the best type of material on the market.  The splint is made from a soft thermoplastic layer which has a certain flex to it. This allows for optimal patient comfort and ease of insert and removal. The Bite plane of the splint is made with cured hard acrylic for ultimate durability and stability.

    Although slightly more expensive to produce, the benefits of this design far outweigh the benefits over other designs.

    We do make all other types of splints for our prescribing dentist’s preferences of course, including Michigan, Gelb, Hard, Generic, and NTI splints.

    The Talon Occlusal Splint has many benefits:

    • best combination of service life, patient comfort and ease of insert
    • comfortable
    • maximum retention
    • minimised chairside adjustment
    • bonded hard acrylic biteplane for superior durability
    • has memory and will not warp

    We also supply other high-quality occlusal splints such as:

    • Hard Splints
    • Michigan Splint
    • NTI Splints
    • Gelb Splints

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