Dentures/Removable Prosthodontics

Our Dentures

We specialize in all types of dentures. Our quality removable prosthetic appliances are fabricated utilizing quality Ivoclar Ivostar denture teeth set up and processed with high impact resistant Lucitone 199 acrylic or flexible and strong Valplast® materials.

Our chrome partial denture frameworks are designed with the primary focus for retention and stability. They are cast and polished out of durable Bego Wironit® extra hard dental alloy.

We are able to customise your denture with clear or tooth colored clasps to increase aesthetics.

Need an affordable prosthetic solutions?

Removable Prosthodontics

Chrome Dentures

  • Wironit® Extra Hart durable alloy construction
  • integration solutions for implant fixtures
  • Ivostar® denture teeth
  • Valplast® or Lucitone 199 material supported by a chrome framework

Partial Denture

  • retention is built into palatal and lingual surfaces, discrete wire clasping for
  • Ivostar® denture teeth
  • Lucitone 199 high impact resistant acrylic
  • easy to repair

Flexible Dentures

  • suited for complete and partial denture designs
  • can be combined with chrome cast partial dentures to have anterior clasp-less retention
  • create retention with springy Valplast® material
  • discrete pink clasps allow for optimal aesthetics

Complete Dentures

  • Dentsply Lucitone 199 for excellent strength and impact resistance
  • Ivoclar denture teeth
  • impact resistant heat cured acrylic
  • repairable

Denture Relines and Repairs

  • maintenance for any denture product
  • assessed every 6 months to optimise patient comfort

Custom Trays

  • compressive custom trays
  • crown and bridge specific trays
  • perforated dental trays
  • implant pickup impression trays